Premier American Grass-Fed Beef Program Summary®

Made From 100% Premier American Grass-Fed Beef® 

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Our special program makes our Premier American Grass Fed Beef stand out  from all other grass fed programs because we raise our cattle on a strict vegetarian diet. Our program delivers cattle free of grains, starches, antibiotics, hormones and steroids for some of the most natural meat you will ever taste.

  • No Fillers or Organ Meat.
  • USDA Inspected Burger Production.
  • Third Party Audited Plant.

Increasingly, people are thinking about what they are eating and how it is produced.  For beef cattle, grass is the most natural feed available.  Our Premier American Grass-Fed Beef comes from cattle that are only given a vegetarian diet with no starches or grains from a young age of 18 months making it the highest quality, absolutely no gamey taste Grass-fed Beef.

The Ranches

Ranchers who raise these cattle take great care to manage their land and make a full commitment to sustainable farming practices.

The Animals

Our animals are tested humanely, raised in low-stress environments and never subjected to hormones, steroids, or antibiotics for any reason.  Our beef cattle are never fed animal by-products or grain-based feeds.

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