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The Story of Red Top Farms

PremierProteins_Brochure6In 1944 entrepreneur Edward Haas purchased a run-down farm in Racine County, WI and promptly enlisted his seven children to white wash the buildings and foundations. Mr. Haas and his children all had bright red hair, thus through a bit of whimsy, he had all the buildings roofed in bright red shingles; thus naming the farm Red Top Farms.


Concurrent to raising beef, pork, chicken and grain on the farm, Edward also owned and operated two aluminum foundries, a cast iron foundry and a screw machine shop. Drawing from his experience in the foundry business as well as his farming experience, he produced the “Haas Atomic Tractor” from 1947-1951.


Today the white buildings and red shingles of Red Top Farms are still standing along side three generations of the Haas family as they continue to follow his dream and entrepreneurial spirit and provide you with the very best meat possible.

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