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Premier American Kobe / Wagyu Beef ® comes from Wagyu cattle that were brought from Japan and raised in the United States. Wagyu cattle are a Japanese breed of cattle (Wagyu actually means Japanese cattle) that have the ability to marble like no other breed on earth. *The fat from these cattle is truly (and physically) different than any other breed on earth. Premier American Kobe / Wagyu Beef ™ offers an extraordinary buttery flavor that is actually ounce for ounce “healthier” than regular beef fat. The meat has a fine texture that is tender and is second to none.

All our beef products are 100% no added hormones or antibiotics. Our beef is an All Natural Beef (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients added). Our program’s cattle are from a single rancher, are source and age verified (all cattle are under 30 months of age).

Our cattle are fed traditional Japanese diets, over a period of time. The cattle are closely monitored feeding process in a single family farmed Iowa feed lot for consistent high quality American Kobe / Wagyu Beef ®. Careful breeding, traditional feeding methods, and state of the art packing methods ensure that our program’s beef matches the best Japan has to offer. Traditional Japanese diets using Midwestern feedstuffs are meticulously fed to all our program’s cattle for close to a year (More than 300% longer than commodity cattle.) This factor, coupled with the inherent marbling characteristics of Wagyu cattle, enables our program to produce the same carcass attributes as the high quality Kobe beef in Japan.

Mr. Shogo Takeda of Hokkaido, Japan has over 40 years of Wagyu cattle breeding and feeding experience in Japan. Mr. Takeda raises Wagyu cattle for his own restaurant in Japan. Mr. Takeda oversees all aspects of our program’s breed stock and fed cattle. He annually reviews and directs the breeding of our breed stock for the future success and continued quality of our program. Mr. Takeda also reviews the diet of the Japanese protocols to provide our customer with a truly ultimate dining experience in a beef of Japanese Kobe quality.

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Premier Program*
Moderately Abundant and higher
No. 8 – No. 12
5 Star
Slightly Abundant to Moderately Abundant
No. 4 – No. 7
4 Star
Moderate to Modest
No. 3
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