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Savor the remarkable difference of what is now considered to be
some of the finest natural pork available.

American Premier Berkshire Pork® is simply the finest natural pork I have ever tasted. The product is exquisitely handled both on the farm and during processing. The finely marbled texture, which holds up long after the pork has been cooked, is unique. The flavor is incomparable and consistent within all cuts. Finally, after decades of notable absence, real pork is back! 

New & Old Standards of Flavor

With the growing appreciation in America for artisan and authentic traditional foods, we’ve realized it’s about time we offer our naturally raised gourmet quality pork here close to home.

For the past several years, American Premier Berkshire Pork® has refined breeding and natural production methods while selling into the very discriminating Japanese market. There we have consistently satisified the taste for “Kurobuta”, the traditional name by which Berkshire pork is known and enjoyed in Japan. Similar to Wagyu / Kobe Beef, it is raised and prepared as a delicacy, savored in smaller portions for its flavor.


Unsurpassed Characteristics

The Berkshire line has deep roots in Europe and America, going back hundreds of years to Britain. And now, chefs worldwide are acclaiming its unique characteristics. Processing considerably more marbling than conventional pork and a richer, deeper color, it consistently produces meat with unparalleled tenderness, moisture and flavor. The response of cooks, restaurateurs, retailers and chefs have consistently exceeded our expectations and they’ve confirmed what our Japanese customers already know.


Humane Processing & Care

The farms that comprise Premier American Berkshire Pork® are all family owned – many have been for generations. By managing our farms as a tightly knit cooperative, in a local geography close to Southwest Minnesota, we have been able to selectively develop and refine our 100% purebred stock. The pigs are allowed to roam and root freely, spending as much of their days outside as weather and temperament permit. They are raised without the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones.


To do justice to this exceptional meat, we sought out a processing partner that embraces the same ideals we hold. Their state-of-the-art facilities and standards ensure a safer, calmer, more humane environment. The reduction of stress also improves the pH in the meat.



Equally important to ensuring the highest quality in our products are traditional craft attention to detail, small batch processing and expert hand cutting of portions. Together with our processor, we offer a full line of fresh pork, from primals to individual cuts. No artificial ingredients, coloring or preservatives are used, and all products are minimally processed. We invite you to savor the remarkable difference of what is now considered to be some of the finest natural pork available, the return of real pork.


PQA certification helps ensure that the animals are properly handled, treated, moved and transported through third party audits.