Our History

In 2005, the Haas family established Premier Proteins, LLC on the principles of quality, integrity, and service. After having operated in various aspects within the meat industry for ten years, Tim and his wife Jamie saw the opportunity to service retail and distribution markets of specialty meat throughout the United States and around the world. Venturing out in an unfinished basement with two young kids, the couple established the best Wagyu beef, Grass-Fed beef, and Berkshire Pork programs available. Each program is all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free (never ever), domestically raised and minimally processed, being held to the highest USDA standards.

Now having nearly thirty years of experience in the food industry and being in business for nearly fifteen years, Tim and Jamie continue to operate with their founding principles at the forefront of every decision. Moving out of the basement and into a small distribution center allowed the couple to develop a team just as dedicated to client satisfaction and success. The Premier Proteins team prides themselves on building meaningful relationships with clients that better service client needs and continuing to innovate within the industry.

Quality, Integrity, Service

Our founding principles of quality, integrity, and service are cornerstones in how we conduct our business. Quality begins not only by offering the finest breeds of beef and pork, but also in the way we raise our animals and the farms on which we choose to raise them. Our programs are all-natural, hormone and antibiotic free, domestically raised, and minimally processed not because it is popular, but because it ensures the highest quality available. We also continue to upgrade packaging and promotional support so that you will always know our product truly is the best available. Quality blends into service by meeting or exceeding expectations at all times. We strive not only to exceed on noticeable interactions, but also from behind the scenes so that our customers can worry less. Finally, we believe in doing the right thing even if no one is watching. Integrity means having our farms, plants, and transportation audited for humane handling and food safety. It also means helping multi-generational and new farmers, as well as producers gain footing in an industry that often forgets them. Most importantly, integrity means working every day for a product, program, and company that offers food that you and your family can enjoy feel good about eating.

Animal Welfare

As the finest purveyor of meat, we have an obligation to our animals to treat them humanely throughout their lifecycle. For this reason, we require our farms to be third party audited by Validus Verification Services, a division of Where Food Comes From, Inc. Validus is an ISO9001:2008 certified company and conducts audits on-site. Our animals are never, ever given antibiotics or hormones. They are source and age verified and have proper access to veterinarians. Animals are vegetarian fed and have a balanced nutritious diet that our animal nutritionists customize and monitor. Most of our feed is grown on the farms where the animals are raised to increase their well-being, as well as the environment. Farms are located near our processing facilities for minimal transport stress. Additionally, all our harvesting and production facilities and transportation are third party audited for humane treatment. Together with our farmers and processing plants, we strive to have our animals in the most ethical environments possible.

Food Safety

Food safety is of the upmost importance. For this reason, the processing facilities we work with are third party audited by trusted organizations.

Our pork processing facility is also audited by the American Meat Institute (AMI) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program, a certification from NSF. The plant follows all United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations and operates with a fully implemented Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety system. Critical Control Points (CCP) have been identified and are monitored for safety. Plant access is controlled, and lot coding is used for traceability control. Plant temperature monitoring systems are in place, and materials and surfaces are cleaned before and after use.

Our beef processing facility is additionally certified in good manufacturing practices by SAI Global. This includes the implementation and monitorization of a HACCP system with CCPs. Among traceability initiatives, the plant maintains an effective temperature monitoring system. Materials and surfaces utilized in production activities are cleaned before and after use.

Our Team



Started in 2005

[email protected]

“I do a little of everything.”

“Helping build a great company with phenomenal products.”

“That is tough. We have so many great products. It depends what I feel like that day. Steaks and chops are probably my favorite, but ribs and brats are right there also.”

“We had Wagyu Prime Rib for Christmas at my parents and it went over really well. It was a very festive time with good food and company.”


Managing Member/Co-Owner

Started in 2005

[email protected]

“I am responsible for payroll and all authorized banking. I coordinate our fun outings and team events.”

“We have a great team here at Premier and I like the importance of family. We are also very proud of our amazing product. I enjoy Friday lunches when we grill and catch up with each other. Lots of laughs.”

“Tim is a terrific smoker of our Berkshire ribs, probably my favorite. It is hard to beat a Premier American Kobe ribeye too.”

“Growing up my Dad was a great griller and made family dinners memorable. I loved eating outside on the picnic table by the lake. With my children grown and busy, anytime I can have a meal with my family is special.”



Started in 2013

[email protected]

“I oversee operations and finance.”

“Working with our producers to bring the finest product to the marketplace.”

“Definitely the Kobe Burgers.”

“Getting to order pizza and eat on the deck outside when my mom cooked my dad liver and onions.”


Inventory Specialist/Manager of Daily Operations

Started in 2012

[email protected]

“I coordinate inventory to sales to ensure our customers get the freshest product.”

“Entire family engaged in conversation. Crazy at times with three boys.”


Customer Service

Started in 2013

[email protected]

“Customer service and logistics coordination.”

“Premier Proteins is 2.5 miles from home.”

“I always enjoy the conversation.”


Media and Marketing Coordinator

Started in 2018

[email protected]

“I ensure that our marketing and social media have a strong brand presence. I also grade Kobe production every week.”

“I have loved seeing my parents’ hard work payoff, and it is great to be an official part of the journey again.”

“Pretty much anything my dad makes; I won’t order beef or pork at restaurants since it doesn’t compare.”

“My family: parents, brother, both sets of grandparents, aunt, and my fiancé’s family all had breakfast and dinner together in the Dominican Republic for a week, it was time well spent.”


Midwest Regional Sales Director

Started in 2015

[email protected]

“I create and manage accounts throughout the Midwest.”

“It is a small family environment that still allows for a great deal of autonomy.”

“Jalapeno poppers using peppered Berkshire Bacon.”

“Root beer floats with my Grandpa or fried bread with my Grandma.”


Inside Sales

Started in 2017

[email protected]

“I assist existing customers with their weekly orders.”

“Great bosses and co-workers, I feel like we are all so close. Close second is the meat!”

“Brisket, baby backs, burgers, dogs, and brats.”

“This Mother’s Day, I grilled some grass-fed ribeye for my family. My mom and grandma told me it was the best steak they had ever eaten.  It made me feel good that we got the meat from Premier Proteins, and that I was the one who prepared their best steak.”


Warehousing/Over the Road Driver

Started in 2012

[email protected]

“Audit Inventory, Shipments, Deliveries, Oversee World Headquarters Warehouse.”

“People I work with and our customers.”

“Berkshire Burgers and Kobe Steaks.”

“When we are all together.”


Head of Security

Started in 2011

“I alert everyone when there is someone at the door and I let everyone pet me.”

“When my mom and dad gave me more bacon then my friend Joe, that was pretty cool.”

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