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American Kobe / Wagyu Beef® is visually striking because of its wonderful marbling, which results in a never-before-experience succulence, sure to send your taste buds reeling. But, American Kobe / Wagyu Beef fat is monounsaturated, which has been proven to be better for your health, and melts at normal room temperatures. The rich quality of American Kobe / Wagyu Beef® gives it that old-fashioned meaty taste when prepared for the table, while still being perfectly suitable as part of a well-balanced, low-cholesterol diet.

An important issue about American Kobe / Wagyu Beef is the health aspect.

Today, fat has a bad reputation – consumers are obsessed with lean red meat. Yet, more and more positive messages are now emerging about the positive influences of fat on our overall health.

Our program’s ground American Kobe / Wagyu Beef® has been documented by Dr. Stephen Smith at Texas A&M to have a monounsaturated fat ratio that makes it totally suitable as a part of a cholesterol lowering diet. Our program’s American Kobe / Wagyu Beef can actually lower harmful serum cholesterol.