Made from 100% Premier American Kobe Beef

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Stocked Items:
8/1 “Slider” Burgers available in a 12lb Box Great Appetizer/Menu item.
Vac Packed 2/1 Burgers in a 12lb Box Our Best Seller!
Vac Packed 6/2lb Bulk Ground Beef / 12lb Box Use it in any way or any recipe.
Made to order items:
3oz “Slider” Burgers in 12lb Box Larger than our 8/1.
Vac Packed 3/1 Burgers in a 12lb Box Lower Unit Costs for your customers.
Bulk and Vac Packed 2/1 Burgers Ask for the options.
Vac Packed 10oz. Burgers in a 12.5lb Box A true Meal!

100% USDA Graded / Inspected
American Kobe / Wagyu Beef.
No fillers or organ meat
USDA Inspected Burger Production.
Third-Party audited plant
The greatest gourmet burger made at an affordable price.