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Premier American Kobe Beef® has three programs:

  • Premier: USDA Choice or Higher
    (Approximately Japanese BMS 3 & 4).
  • Premier 4 Star: USDA Prime
    (Slightly Abundant to Moderately Abundant)
    (Approximately Japanese BMS 4 thru 7).
  • Premier 5 Star: USDA Prime
    (Moderately Abundant and Higher)
    (Japanese BMS 8 & above).


  • Wagyu fat is physically different than regular beef fat. Wagyu fat has a different flavor profile. Wagyu fat has a “buttery” flavor that is very noticeable. Wagyu is the only breed to have this trait. Wagyu fat is substantially lower in saturated fats than regular beef. Wagyu fat has a lower melting point and cooks 35% quicker than regular USDA.
  • Corn based diet gives a preferred flavor profile over competitors’ barley, potato, and grass fed programs.
  • Consistent size, flavor, and pricing.
  • Electric Stimulation of Carcass (helps insure tenderness in meat).


  • Wagyu / Angus Cross / all cattle source verified and age verified.
  • Single Producer, One set of Genetics for more consistent higher quality Wagyu Beef.
  • Single Feed Lot, for more consistent higher quality Wagyu Beef.a
  • Corn / Distiller’s Grain based diet / Iowa fed / Based on Japanese feeding practices.
  • Japanese breed / American born and raised.
  • Calf fed program / Under 30 months / Bone-In products available
  • Younger cattle tend to be more tender than their mature counterparts as well as having better coloring meat (lighter coloring).


  • No added hormones and no added antibiotics all natural beef (no added ingredients and minimally processed).
  • Each combo of trim is individually tested for Ecoli 0157.
  • Close trim and value added product available. Custom cuts available.
  • Meat and Fat color scores are generally 1 & 2 (the highest scores). Cattle are fed Vitamin E daily for better and longer lasting meat color once “bloomed.”