Terms and Conditions:
Premier Protein, LLC is founded on quality, service and integrity. We guarantee that every one of our products meets our high standards- and yours.

Our high standard means you will receive Premier American Kobe Beef® and Red Top Farms Berkshire Pork® that has been hand trimmed and vacuum sealed to protect the natural flavor.

We guarantee that you will receive the exact item you ordered based on weight, and the correct quantity in the proper packaging. It will be delivered to the address specified in an appropriate amount of time for the product to arrive in quality condition. (*We cannot be responsible for incorrect address.)

Packaging and Shipping:
All products are shipped FedEx Ground (included in price) on Monday only (two-day and overnight exceptions will be made, see below). Approximate delivery time is 3-5 business days. Shipments will be processed and shipped on the following Monday of the order placement. This delay helps give the packages maximum ship time during the week so shipments will not be held on trucks over the weekend. Some remote areas may require expedited shipping service and customers will be advised of additional fees.

All products are sealed in Cryovac™ packaging and a patented bag which helps keep the product in quality condition, put in reusable Styrofoam cooler with gel packs placed inside to keep product chilled during shipment.

Overnight and two-day shipments will be calculated on an order basis. This must be noted by the customer. Overnight and two-day shipments will only be shipped Monday-Thursday, NO EXCEPTIONS, to avoid weekend complications.

All orders are shipped as “DRIVER RELEASE”. This means the package will be delivered to the recipient address with NO signature required. The FedEx driver will leave the order at the door in our tightly sealed Styrofoam cooler. Packages can be left at any exterior door location. Premier Proteins, LLC will not be responsible for any package after delivery to its destination. Please be sure to alert the recipient that a perishable gift will be delivered to them. Premier Proteins, LLC is not responsible for deliveries left and not refrigerated in a timely manner.

Always double check your order. Please contact us as soon as you notice any address errors. We will do everything possible to make sure the order is shipped to the correct address.
Please be advised that if an incorrect address was provided, and the food is shipped/delivered to the incorrect address. We will reship incorrect addresses, but a reshipment fee will be charged and we will not be able to refund shipping or the product.

*Because the product is perishable, orders that are already in transit cannot be canceled or rerouted.

Shipping charges apply to the bill to address.

We are not able to ship to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

Premier Proteins only ships standard to the lower 48 US states. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii are available for additional fees. Some remote rural areas must be shipped in an expedited manner and will require additional fees.

If you provide an e-mail address we will send you a shipment notification with a tracking number for FedEx. You can go to Fedex.com and select “Track your order”. Gift messages are included in the shipping label that your recipient receives with their package. Do not forget to include your unique message in the gift message section when placing your order online. If you place an online order you are able to notify your recipient that a package is on its way by entering their email address in section of the cart, “Shipping and Delivery”, under “Recipient’s email”.

Claim Policy:
The customer has 12 hours after delivery to make a claim on the product. FedEx delivery will mark the beginning of the 12 hours.
Meat delivered may be thawed. If the meat is cold to the touch/below 55 degrees F then they are not eligible for claims. A cold to the touch product is not diminished at all and the product can be refrigerated, refrozen or thawed out.

Cooking and Handling Recommendations:
All products are shipped in cryovac™ packaging which greatly enhances shelf life of the product, retaining quality for up to a year after receiving. For best taste and tenderness, it is recommended to use the product within 6 months. This does not mean the product is spoiled after six months. However, you should be aware that cryovac™ packaged product can be brown or gray in color, yet be perfectly normal in quality. This is quite common due to the deprivation of oxygen. Once the package is opened and the beef is exposed to the air, it will return to a more normal color.

It is recommended that frozen meat be thawed in a refrigerator in its original packaging. It is best to allow a minimum of 12 hours thaw time prior to cooking. Microwave ovens should not be used to thaw meats.
Brushing olive oil directly on the meat and on the cooking surface before grilling, broiling or frying will help your choice of seasonings to remain on the meat while not sticking to the cooking surface.
Wagyu/Kobe Beef is best prepared on a low to moderate heat. The meat is more delicate and does not respond well to excessive heat. The excessive heat tends to toughen the meat. Wagyu/Kobe Beef once over cooked begins to lose its flavor and tenderness profile difference. It is recommended to be served medium rare or less. Wagyu/Kobe Beef tends to “finish” much quicker on the grill that regular beef.
Because of the abundant marbling and delicate nature of the Berkshire pork it too should be cooked longer on a lower heat rather than high heat. It too does not respond well to high heats and this will cause the pork to lose its tenderness, smooth creamy flavor, and the juiciness.

Caution: Kobe Beef and Berkshire Pork may flare up on high heat!
Meat should be removed from the cooking surface when it is within five to ten degrees of your desired degree of doneness. Meat will continue to cook after being removed from the heat. The meat should stand for about five minutes before serving, allowing the juices to redistribute back to the center of the meat. Enjoy!

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.